You Can Improve Family Communication

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During their campaigns, politicians make promises that sound just too good to be true and most are! We also become skeptical (and rightly so) when salesmen make incredible claims about their product only to find when we get it home it doesn’t work as well as they claimed. I don’t blame you if, at first, you doubt the incredible claims that I make for the family council, but if just a few of them are realized in your family it would be well worth it. Over the years of my counseling practice, many families have put this family council system of communication into practice with wonderful results. Here are some benefits you can expect:

  • Fewer arguments and less tension around the dinner table
  • Confidence that you can handle any problem in the home
  • A happy wife who is proud of her husband’s ability to overcome family problems before they become major issues
  • A family where:
    1. Biblical roles work.
    2. Kids learn to respect each other’s opinions and viewpoints.
    3. The authority of parents is understood.
    4. Communication is king.
    5. Listening is valued.
    6. Anger and frustrations are controlled.
    7. Unity is obvious.

I don’t want to sound like a politician or a salesman, but I will guarantee that your home will never be the same again if you establish a consistent family council.

 A family council is a structured conversation among family members, a controlled discussion in which all members of the family can freely discuss their opinions. The main goal of the family council is to create a pattern of effective, creative, and structured communication among family members.

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