While hurricane Harvey is wracking havoc in Houston, Texas, most of us look on in horror feeling rather helpless to know exactly what to do – especially those of us thousands of miles away. Although we can’t physically rescue people from the rising water or help in a shelter, we can do something very significant – we can pray and give. Yes, it is hard to know exactly how to pray but here are some suggestions. Let’s ask the Lord to:

  • stop the rain,
  • save lives,
  • provide wisdom to those caught in the disaster to make wise and not foolish decisions relative to their immediate and drastic situation.
  • grant safety to the first responders,
  • give extra strength to those already over worked,
  • touch the hearts of Americans to supply food and other necessities,
  • provide wisdom to our President and other leaders who are working so hard on a national, state and local level.
  • motivate the local churches in the damaged areas to meet the specific needs in their community.
  • burden churches throughout the nation to minister as a group to meet whatever needs they can.
    Obviously there are many, many more requests but these can prime the pump.

In addition to prayer we can give. While many Christians cannot give, most of us can dig a little deeper into our pockets and come up with something. I think the best way to give is to support those already on the ground. One of the organizations that is usually the first on the scene and the last to leave is The Salvation Army. They go whether people support them or not. They just do it. They certainly need our help right now and it is easy to give at their special website set up just for this disaster at If you can give anything, please visit this website right away. They need our help now!

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