While I seldom (actually never) urge folks to sign petitions, I believe this one is an exception. Unless you live on another planet, you’ve heard of the hideous stance by our government to open up our public bathrooms to the opposite sex. This is nothing short of diabolical. As you know, one of the stores that has taken a firm stand for this irresponsible position is TARGET Department stores. They feel it is alright for a man to use the woman’s restroom endangering our women and children. The American Family Association says about TARGET’S position: “Target has crossed the line by intentionally exposing women and girls to voyeurs and sexual predators with their restroom and dressing room policy.”

When I learned of this policy, I went to my local TARGET store (the one in which I frequently shop) and asked the manager if this policy was accurate. She said it was. I must confess that it was difficult to believe such a nice, young lady was telling me about a policy that could actually endanger her life as though it were of no more consequence than discussing the weather.

Christians must do something. One thing we can do is join the boycott against TARGET by signing the petition provided by the American Family Association. This organization is taking a stand and urging all of us to do the same. It doesn’t seem like much but in the short time the petition has been in existence over 1 million have signed it: pledging to boycott TARGET until the policy is changed.

Even though TARGET doesn’t want to acknowledge it, the boycott has already had a incredible effect on the profit margin of the TARGET organization. I urge each of you to sign the petition on the website. The more we boycott TARGET because of this policy, the more they are likely to change this position. This victory will hopefully discourage other stores from adopting the same ungodly policy.

Please go to the website and join the boycott!!

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