Reviews of Dr. Peterman’s latest book: Encourage Others

I am so moved by this book. As an alcoholism counselor, I try to help recovering alcoholics see beneath the surface as to their “missing links” to others — see “way down in the engine room” what makes them tick, where they might still be selfish and self-centered and not even know it . . . and who wants to see “their blind spots” in their recovery, to help them attain peace of mind, to more deeply love others, and to please God. This book has so many AHA’s in it ——-helps us all see the nuances that get in the way of truly helping and encouraging others. Things, as a counselor, I’ve never thought of as being as important as they are. This book is also so important to help sponsors in twelve-step programs, to learn how to better encourage their sponsees, their “pigeons.” What a Blessing this book is.

How can I effectively help those in crisis of any kind?” Stop wondering and start reading Encourage Others.  by Marjie Reed

This book answered many questions for me as to how to effectively help those who in crisis of any kind. This book is clear, concise and well supported by great men of the faith. This writer has thoroughly researched the subject of exhortation from Scripture. It is a great book to read and have on the shelf for reference when dealing with a problem that we as lay-people may not know how to handle. I can imagine that professional counselors could greatly benefit from the guidance in this book, as well. Encourage Others is easy to read and full of insight and helps. A must for anyone who desires to be an effective help to those with a hurting heart.

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