Prophecy coming to pass before our eyes?

This week at the United Nations both Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin gave speeches. It seems rather clear that Present Obama surrendered his place as a world leader and allowed President Putin to step into the vacuum. Perhaps we cannot make a final conclusion from a single situation but it may indicate the future path of these two great powers. It is interesting that Ezekiel 38 clearly states that Russia will be a world power at the end of the age – not the Soviet Union – but Russia. It sure seems as though Putin is building that nation up again to take a leadership role in the world and that President Obama is doing everything he can to lessen our authority on the world stage. Just recently I listened to a very timely and important sermon in Isaiah by one of my friends who is well-equipped to give such an exposition. He received the highest award given in Theology at Grace Theological Seminary and over the years has honed his ability as an expositor. This message is an exposition of Isaiah 3:1-15 entitled Chaos of a Collapsing Society, Part 1. It’s scary how accurately this message mirrors our nation today! Click the following link to hear the message.

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