NEW IN PAPERBACK BY DR. PETERMAN – ENCOURAGE OTHERS: Support and Strengthen Fellow Believers

Encouraging others is a lot like archery. Any child at summer camp can shoot a bow and arrow. While it is easy to learn; it is hard to perfect. Likewise, everyone can encourage others but not everyone can hit the bullseye. This book perfects you into a master spiritual encourager, understanding more in-depth the stresses people face, appreciating more completely the contexts in which people suffer, comprehending more fully the scope and power of this gift.  In Encourage Others you will learn to help others from a biblical perspective, to string your bow of compassion toward the needy in your family and in the church – and to hit the mark! Encourage Others is now in paperback for only $6.99 and still in ebook format for $4.99. Click the link below to read more or to buy the paperback or ebook format.

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