How is Christmas respresented in your children’s school?

This week on the radio, I listened to an eleven-year-old girl describe the recent Christmas program at her school (I assume a public school). The presentation consisted of the explanation of three different religious celebrations: Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukah. Kwanzaa and Hanukah were explained in some detail but their account of Christmas consisted of two kids walking across the stage talking: one said to the other, “What does Christmas mean to you?” The other replied, “Snow, presents, gifts and Santa.” The eleven-year-old complained, “That’s all they said about Christmas. They didn’t say anything about Jesus.” The announcer trying to console her said, “Well, they can’t take Christmas out of your heart.” The implication of his words was that they obviously were trying to do away with the real meaning of Christmas – and they were! In this post-Christian era, secularism is so rampant that the public schools no longer conceal their hatred of Christ and of God. If you are a believer and your children go to a public school, I would challenge you to check out how Christmas is represented in the holiday programs and in the hall and room decorations. Remember, the teachers are there to represent you.

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