By Kenneth O. Peterman

Last week, President Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage. This stance is especially despicable because he seems to base his decision on “fair play” for gay and lesbian Americans. The President said, “I have always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally.”Isn’t it obvious that gay and lesbian Americans are being treated fairly in society? For heaven’s sake, they even have “hate crime” laws that protect them that other groups of Americans don’t have. But now the President wants to go further and change the definition of marriage under the guise of fairness to suit this special group.

In reality, in order for something to be considered “fair,” a standard must be assumed. To our liberal or progressive politicians, their own personal opinion becomes the standard by which they measure “fairness.” On such a relative basis anything can be considered fair. But if you measure the definition of marriage against an objective standard like the Word of God (as Americans have historically done) — same-sex marriage doesn’t stand a chance because it doesn’t measure up to God’s definition of marriage.

The fact that the President maintained that this conclusion was “personal” and not “political,” doesn’t matter because the real issue is neither personal nor political — it is theological. In Genesis, God created the institution of marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman. A man (unless he is somehow above God) has no right to redefine marriage as he sees fit. The only legitimate basis for defining marriage is theological – not emotional, not social, and certainly not political.

It is not only the subject of his decision that is objectionable (same-sex marriage clearly violates Romans 1) but also his humanistic and consensus-type approach that is totally unjustifiable and unacceptable. Instead of referring to the final authority of the Word of God as his guide, he said that his decision “evolved” over a period of time in his own mind. Instead of humbling himself under the mighty hand of God for understanding, he followed his own will and/or the will of his political cronies. The fact that his pastoral advisor told him that the Scriptures do not support his conclusion didn’t seem to matter — and it doesn’t if you’re basing your conclusion upon your own thinking. This humanistic procedure is disgraceful, irresponsible, arrogant, and egotistical – and the subsequent decision will have grave effects upon our country. The Scripture does not say in vain, “There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 14:12).

By Kenneth O. Peterman www.biblicalmatters.com

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